Autonics DPU Series Thyristors

Digital Power Controllers

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The DPU series digital power controllers offer optimal and stable power control with minimal noise interference. The units also feature various control methods and functions including soft start, soft up/down, and alarm.

Main features

  • High speed and high accuracy by digital control using high speed CPU
  • Various controls
    - Phase control, feedback control (constant voltage/constant current/constant power)
    - Zero crossing cycle control (fixed/variable cycles)
    - Zero crossing ON/OFF control
  • Improved maintainability with built-in fast-acting fuse and easy fuse replacement
  • Communication output model: RS485 (Modbus RTU)
  • Various control inputs and DI inputs
    - control input: analog (current, voltage), ON/OFF (voltage pulse, no voltage), communication (RS485), potentiometer
    - DI input: AUTO/MAN switching, RUN/STOP switching, Reset, output holding, SP designation (6 setting points can be customized)
  • Various alarm output
    - Overcurrent, overvoltage, fuse break, heat sink overheat, device fault, heater break alarm (partial heater break detection)
  • Improved convenience by separating operation part
  • Applicable load
    - Supercantal, platinum, molybdenum, carbon, halogen lamps, chrome, nickel, etc.