Fuji SPF Plus Series PLC

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Item Specifications: Basic unit
Execution control method Stored program, cyclic scan method (default task), periodic tasks, event tasks
I/O connection method Direct I/O system: Local bus
Direct connection I/O control method Overall Scan batch refresh method
Digital I/O Task synchronization refresh method
MPU 16-bit OS/Executing Processor (dual use)
Memory type Program memory, data memory, temporary memory
Programming language (IEC61131-3 compliant) IL language (Instruction List)
ST language (Structured Text)
LD language (Ladder Diagram)
FBD language (Function Block Diagram)
SFC element (Sequential Function Chart)
Instruction word length Variable length (differs with instruction) 1 step = 32 bits
Instruction execution time LD instruction 0.30 μs
Program memory capacity 20 Ksteps (1 step = 32 bits)
I/O memory (I/Q) Fixed 512 words
System memory (SM) Fixed 512 words
Data memory capacity 40 Kwords
High-speed standard memory Fixed 4 Kwords
Standard memory Variable 4 Kwords
Retain memory Variable 4 Kwords
User FB instance memory Variable 8 Kwords
User FB instance memory
Initial value setting area
Variable 9 Kwords
System FB instance memory Variable 11 Kwords
Timer Variable 512 points (4 Kwords)
Accumulating timer Variable 0 points (0 Kwords)
Counter Variable 512 points (2 Kwords)
Edge detection Variable 2048 points (4 Kwords)
Other Variable 1 Kwords
ZIP file area 64 Kbyte
Number of tasks Default task 1
Fixed-cycle task 15 (Total number of periodic and event tasks)
Event task
POU Program 64 / default task
8 / Interrupt task
User FB 128
User FCT 128
Number of nested
User FB / FCT calls
Total of 64 steps
(User FB/FTC calls from program also included in nesting count)
Diagnostic function Program check, watchdog timer, etc
Confidentiality function Password
Calendar function Yes
Backup Program memory Flash memory
System definition Flash memory
Zip file Flash memory
Data memory Built-in battery: SRAM
Calendar Built-in battery: RTC
Memory pack External: Installation and removal possible Backed up content: Program, System definition, ZIP file, Data