Autonics TMH Series Modular Controllers

Modular Multi-Channel High Performance Temperature Controllers

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The TMH series modular multi-channel high performance temperature controllers are capable of controlling up to 2 or 4 channels of input/output simultaneously, with 50 ms high-speed sampling cycle, ±0.3% measurement accuracy, and simultaneous heating and cooling control function. The control channels can be expanded without additional wiring for power or communication. The control modules can be expanded up to 32 units and 128 channels. With each communication module, the units can be expanded up to 32 units (16 control modules & 16 option modules). Up to 16 communication modules can be connected to a master device for a total of 1,024 control channels. The modular design allows flexible expansion depending on user requirements, with various option modules available including analog input/output modules, digital input / alarm output modules, CT input modules, PLC ladder-less communication (RS422/485) and Ethernet communication modules. Parameter configuration and status monitoring is available with PCs using USB, RS422/RS485, or Ethernet communication connection.

Common Features

  • Easy maintenance with detachable body and base terminal
  • Power supply and communication with expansion connectors (up to 32 units)
  • Parameter configuration with PCs (USB or RS485 communication) : DAQMaster software provided (comprehensive device management software)
    *Communication converters sold separately: SCM-US (USB/Serial converter), SCM-38I (RS232C/RS485 converter), SCM-US48I (USB/RS485 converter), SCM-WF48 (Wi-Fi/RS485∙USB wireless communication converter), EXT-US (converter cable)