Fuji SPF Series PLC

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    Multi-language support

  • The SPF supports not only ladder diagrams but also ST and FBD
  • It allows the programmer to select the proper programming language for the control target.
  • Intuitive screen operation

  • Through guidance display and a command word candidate narrowing-down function based on a keyword search, you can input data without referring to the manual.
  • You can select the proper input mode according to the situation from functions such as mouse wheel + click input, keyword search input, and Intellisense function input.
  • Simulation function

  • Provided with built-in Standard, the SPF is capable of testing the operation of programs without using an actual system.
  • Resume function

  • When the SPF starts to run, it automatically displays the position last edited or monitored.
  • In online mode, the SPF displays the position last monitored and starts monitoring
  • In offline mode, the SPF displays the position last monitored and enters Edit mode.
  • Device editor and collation function

  • Device information is displayed on a single screen, for example, in the form of a list of the operating states of devices, enabling you to save time in memory management.
  • You can display details of different points on programs and edit by referring to collation results.


Item Specifications: Basic unit
14/24 points 32/40/60 points
Control system Stored program and cyclic scanning system (default task), periodic task, event task
I/O connection method Direct I/O system: Local bus
Direct I/O control method Overall Scan batch refresh method
Digital I/O Task synchronization refresh method
MPU 16-bit OS/Executing Processor (dual use)
Memory type Program memory, data memory, temporary memory
Programming language (IEC61131-3 compliant) LD language (Ladder Diagram)
ST language (Structured Text)
Instruction word length Variable length (depending on the instruction) 1 step = 32-bit length
Instruction execution time LD instruction 0.30 μs
Program memory capacity 8 k steps (1 step = 32 bits) 20 k steps (1 step = 32 bits)
I/O memory (I/Q) X, Y Fixed 512 words
System memory (SM) SM Fixed 512 words
Data memory capacity 20 k words 40 k words
High-speed standard memory (M) M Fixed 4 k words
Standard memory (M) M Variable 0 k word 4 k words
Retained memory (RM) L Variable 2 k words 4 k words
UserFB instance memory (FM) V, F Variable 4 k words 8 k words
UserFB instance memory initial value setting
area SystemFB instance memory (SFM)
- Variable 4.5 k words 9 k words
Timer T Variable 256 points (2 k words) 512 points (4 k words)
Integrating timer TR Variable 0 point (0 k word) 0 point (0 k word)
Counter C Variable 256 points (1 k words) 512 points (2 k words)
Edge detection   Variable 1024 points (2 k words) 2048 points (4 k words)
Other   Variable 0.5 k words 1 k words
FB instance information area
(number of instances usable in UserFB)
1024 words
(256 info.)
ZIP file area 64 K bytes
Data type
Number of tasks Default task 1
Periodic task 15
Event task (Total number of periodic and event tasks)
POU UserPG 64 / default task
8 / Interrupt task
UserFB 128
UserFCT 128
Number of nested
UserFB/FCT calls
Total of 64 steps
(UserFB/FCT calls from PG are also included)
Diagnostic function Program check, watchdog timer, etc
Security function Password
Calendar function Supported
Backup Program memory Flash memory
System definition Flash memory
Zip file Flash memory
Data memory Battery: SRAM
Calendar Battery: RTC
Memory pack External: Detachable Storage content: Program, System definition, ZIP file, Data