Fuji TIME DELTA Series Ultrasonic Flowmeter

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  • High accuracy: 1.0% of rate
  • Fast response: 0.2 seconds
  • Compact transmitter: 142 x 170 mm
  • Excellent anti-bubble performance
  • Operation available without opening the cover
  • RS-485 communication (option)
  • Wide application range
  • Parameter loader software provided


Fluid Uniform liquid through which ultrasonic wave can propagate (deionized water, cooling water, chemical solution, tap water, etc.)
Fluid temperature -40°C to 200℃ (depends on detector)
Applicable pipes
Detector Inner diameter Materials
FSSA (V method) 25–225 mm Plastic (PVC, etc.)*1
Metal (SS, steel, copper, aluminum, etc.)
FSSC (V method) 50–600 mm
FSSC (Z method) 600–1200 mm
FSSD (V method) 13–100 mm
FSSE (V or Z method) 200–6000 mm
FSSH (V or Z method) 50–400 mm
Select FSSC for the following pipes:
  • PP pipe with a thickness of 15 mm or more
    PVDF pipe with a thickness of 9 mm or more
  • Metal pipes with coating, pipes rusting inside, pipes lined with coal tar epoxy, Teflon, mortar, or rubber, or other pipes through which the ultrasonic wave is hard to pass
Range 0 to ±0.3…..±32 m/s
Accuracy ±1% of rate (when flow velocity is ≥2 m/s)
Response 0.2 seconds (in high-speed response mode)
Ambient temperature -20°C to +55°C (transmitter)
-20°C to +60°C…80°C (depends on detector)
Analog output 4–20 mA DC, 1 point (maximum resistance load: 600Ω)
Contact output Open collector: 2 points
Total, alarm, etc.
Total pulse output: 1 P/day to 100 P/s (open collector)
Serial communication RS-485 (MODBUS) (option)
Display LCD with back light, 2-line 16-digit
Key pad 4 keys (ESC, up, shift, enter), Operation on panel (IP66 enclosure version)
Power supply voltage 100–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, or 20–30 V DC
Transmitter enclosure Aluminum alloy, IP66 or IP67
Transmitter mounting Wall mount or pipe mount
Transmitter dimensions (in mm) H170 x W142 x D70 (IP66)
H220 x W230 x D95 (IP67)