Fuji FCX AIII Series Pressure Transmitters

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FCX-AIII series transmitters are electronic transmitters which use electrostatic capacitance sensors. They feature compact design, high accuracy, and long-term stability, and offer a variety of diaphragm materials. You can select from: type L housing suited to a vertical pipe, type T housing to horizontal pipe, and direct mount type.

Main features

  • Mountable on any pipe
  • Long-term superior stability: ±0.1% for 10 years
  • Fast response (60 ms)
  • Field configurator (option)
  • High temperature/vacuum transmitter with solid technology

Anti-corrosive diaphragms

Gold & Ceramic Coating Desulfurization facility, hydrogen production and supply system
Zirconium Hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, bleaching agent
Titanium Chlorides, sulfur compounds
Digital I/O Task synchronization refresh method
Hastelloy-C Organic acid, non-organic acid, alkalis
Monel Alkalis, fluorine
Tantalum IL language (Instruction List)